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The Nitty Gritty Stuff
Special Terms

FairRewards for hotel bookings: 7%

Note that Agoda will not pay FairRewards for flight bookings.

Fair Rewards are payable only for completed hotel bookings, excluding GST and other charges.

Purchases are considered finalised after the completion of your Agoda Australia hotel stay.

FairRewards FAQs

Recommendations to ensure your super is rewarded

  • Disable ad-blocking software while shopping through FairRewards
  • Don’t visit other websites after clicking through to a brand site from your member portal
  • If making multiple transactions, return to your FairVine portal and click through to the store again
  • You won’t earn FairRewards if you return, change or cancel your order
  • FairRewards are not earnt on GST or other taxes
  • You may not earn FairRewards on delivery fees
  • Be sure to read the Brand Special Terms for each store

Note: You may not be eligible for FairRewards if:

  • You pay with, or purchase, a gift card
  • Your shopping is not completed fully online, or is changed later.
FairRewards Schedule
  • Within 3 days of your purchase, your FairRewards bonus will appear as pending on your member dashboard.
  • Your FairRewards will be deposited into your super account within up to 60 days of the purchase being finalised.
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