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Feelunique (AU)
Feelunique (AU)
Up to 9%
of your spend
Feelunique (AU)

About this brand

Shop makeup, haircare, skincare and fragrance from 500 brands, plus catch up on the latest beauty trends here at Feelunique.

Special terms

9% Rebate for new customer

7% Rebate for existing/repeat customers

2% when Product Category is on the list Electricals

Rules run top to bottom. The lowest matching rule wins. If there are no matching rules, the base rebate rate(s) will be applied.

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Feelunique (AU)
Special Terms
FairRewards FAQs

Make sure you get your FairRewards

  • Only visit the store by clicking through from the FairRewards portal
  • For each new purchase, return to FairRewards, and then click through to the store you want to visit
  • Please disable any ad blocking software during your shopping sessions
  • Make sure you complete the purchase
  • Close the window when you’ve finished shopping
FairRewards FAQs

How will I know I've received FairRewards?

Within 3 days, your new FairRewards will appear as “pending” on your member dashboard.

Within 60 days of the purchase, you will receive your FairRewards.

FairRewards FAQs

What's not included?

  • You won’t earn FairRewards on GST and other taxes
  • You may not earn FairRewards on freight or delivery charges
  • You won’t earn FairRewards if you change, cancel or return your order
  • If you pay with a gift card or voucher, you won’t earn any FairRewards
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