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Clean beauty never looked so good

Mirenesse is an Australian cosmetics brand delivering award-winning beauty solutions that empowers women to define their own beauty. We’re a clean beauty brand committed to formulating unparalleled makeup & results driven skincare that’s safe, affordable and luxurious.

Founded by Pharmacist Irene Patsalides & partner Andrew Naumoski, Mirenesse create better innovative beauty products that really work, leaving out harsh ingredients and including only the best, safest clean formulas.

100+ Global Beauty Awards! We love solving your beauty problems, combining the best of mother nature and clinically proven, we want to make your beauty world  prettier and cleaner every day.

Find your beautiful with Mirenesse today and reward your future.

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FairRewards are payable on the net purchase amount, which excludes delivery, GST and other charges.

Purchases are considered finalised after Miremesse’s returns period has elapsed.

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