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At Wolven, we create eco-friendly, ethical, multifunctional garments designed to hit the mat (or the dance floor).  We use 84% post-consumer plastic to fight fast fashion and take a stand for mother earth. We make wearable art that is wild, free.

Special terms

For purchased items where order discount is greater than $1, the rebate will equal 10% of order sale amount.

For all other purchased items, the rebate will equal 20% of the order sale amount.

No rebate will be issued for 'non-commissionable source codes' or 'Ambassador codes'.

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Special Terms
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  • Only visit the store by clicking through from the FairRewards portal
  • For each new purchase, return to FairRewards, and then click through to the store you want to visit
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FairRewards FAQs

How will I know I've received FairRewards?

Within 3 days, your new FairRewards will appear as “pending” on your member dashboard.

Within 60 days of the purchase, you will receive your FairRewards.

FairRewards FAQs

What's not included?

  • You won’t earn FairRewards on GST and other taxes
  • You may not earn FairRewards on freight or delivery charges
  • You won’t earn FairRewards if you change, cancel or return your order
  • If you pay with a gift card or voucher, you won’t earn any FairRewards
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